White Stone Judaica.png

White Stone Judaica, 

1,7 X 1,5


Photograph of the excavated  3rd century Menorah stone relief from the Byzantine Synagogue of Susya. Susya is located within the South Hebron Hills, West Bank.

Since the discovery of an archeological Jewish Temple in 1969, Palestinian residence have been repeatedly evicted. The photo collage project explores the role of chosen histories and archeology as a means to form and narrativise national identities and its myths. 

Hasbara refers to public-relations efforts to disseminate positive information abroad about the State of Israel and its actions. The Temple Mount Sifting Project, initated by Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Zeev Elkin, allows both Israelis and the international community to dig into 'heritage sites' within East Jerusalem, West Bank. The work examines the role of Israeli archeological sites as political players within Palestinian land confiscation and ownership within the occupied territories. The project is an exploration on the role archeological conservation plays in the constructed narratives of identity, ethno-nationalism and culture.