Speaking in Minerals


a collaborative project within Sister Stones

and Blocks of Anger, Queer Petrographies.

Public performance, video work and publication, 2018


Speaking in Minerals is a performative film and research project in collaboration with Inia Steinbach. The project is a critical inquiry into the Kueka Stone located in the Global Stone project in Tiergarten, Berlin. The stone, which is sacred to the Permón people of south Venezuela, was stolen by the German venture capitalist Wolfgang Kraker von Schwarzenfeld and ‘gifted’ by Schwarzenfeld to the Berlin senate in the 1990’s.

With this knowledge, Speaking in Minerals is a project probing critical analysis from stories of displacement, diaspora and colonial theft in relation to the Kueka Stone. How do we identify the political and emotional discourse of Eurocentric normalisation and resist geological reasoning? How does resistance take place? 

In a public performative act, we covered the stones in wet towels replicating the image of a stranded whale to illustrate the notion of brutal displacement. We also planted flags around the site bearing quotes from Frantz Fanon’s ‘White Skin, Black Masks’ book.






IMG_0029+ (1).jpg


1. Exhibition poster,

    Berlin, 2018

2. Publication page,

    Berlin 2018

3.The Global Stone Project, Analogue, medium format scan

    Berlin Tiergarten, 2018

4.The Kueka Stone,analogue, medium format scan

    Berlin Tiergarten, 2018


5. Man observing flag installation at the Global Stone Project,

    Analogue medium format scan,

    Berlin Tiergarten, 2018