performance, 2018

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The ‘Scheitel’ is a wig that is worn by married ultra-orthodox Jewish women, a word deriving from the Yiddish language. Mandated by Jewish law, the Scheitel must be worn in order to not entice men who aren’t their husbands. This religious practise and concept of holiness is a choreographed performance, an act of making religious doctrine physical. Scheitel seeks to play and deconstruct this act in series of intimate large format prints. Portraits, photos or any illustrations of women are prohibited under Jewish law. Revealing the practise of myself covering and uncovering ones head is an act that is done in the privacy of ones home. The photo series provides a sensitive documentation and exposé into this vulnerable act. 

1. 3m X 1,5m analogue medium format print, 2018
2. 2m X 1,5m analogue medium format print, 2018
3. 1m X 1m analogue medium format print, 2018