Fantastic Birds


Teaser, 2020




What role can bird-watching play in contemporary society and urban living? How can the act of bird-watching re-understand our relationship to nature? 

The Fish-Hawk (Osprey)


Soon as the sun, great ruler of the year,

Bends to our northern clime his bright career,

And from the caves of ocean calls from sleep

The finny shoals and myriads of the deep;

When freezing tempests back to Greenland ride,

And day and night the equal hours divide;

True to the season, o'er our sea-beat shore,

The sailing osprey high is seen to soar,

With broad unmoving wing, and, circling slow,

Marks each loose straggler in the deep below;

Sweeps down like lightning! plunges with a roar!

And bears his struggling victim to the shore.

The long-housed fisherman beholds with joy

The well-known signals of his rough employ;

And as he bears his nets and oars along,

Thus hails the welcome season with a song.



by T.A. Conrad. "The regular arrival of this noted bird at the vernal equinox when the busy season of fishing commences adds peculiar interest to its first appearance and procures it many a benediction from the fishermen."

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Fantastic Birds is a short experimental film looking into bird behaviour as a speculative model to realise new potentials and imageneries for living and mapping. Using live screen capture videos from Google Earth imagery and the computer game Red Redemption, the film explores the impact of these rendered representations of the natural world and the affects of vertical scientific rational. 

Solid works CGI reconstructed watch tower, 2018.